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1115-Alaska sf2 549 Kb 11214
These sounds are my personal creations.It' s made with software synthetiser "REALITY" by Seer System.It' s particular "Synth".This soundfont is Alaska Synth.Try it : )

File : 1115-Alaska.sfArk
1115-Arp2600Raw Korg iS50 sf2 2719 Kb 12536
Samples created by Korg IS50.This synth had particular sound.Try it. ;))

File : 1115-Arp2600Raw Korg iS50.sfArk
1115-PAN SYNTH sf2 258 Kb 6552
A classical Synth.

File : 1115-PAN SYNTH.sfArk
1115-Polisynth Flanger 2 sf2 560 Kb 5808
PolySynth Flanger 2!Very Good.

File : 1115-Polisynth Flanger 2.sfArk
1115-Polisynth1Flanger sf2 560 Kb 4280
PolySynth Flanger 1!Very Good.

File : 1115-Polisynth1Flanger.sfArk
1115-Synth Pitch sf2 956 Kb 4769
Particular Synth Pitch! by Mauro

File : 1115-Synth Pitch.sfArk
1115-SynthThik sf2 169 Kb 6102
A Simple synth for dance production.

File : 1115-SynthThik.sfArk
198-d10 TEK bass sf2 107 Kb 5669
Another Roland D10 patch. This time a rather classic,
but fat bass sound. With some Veloswitches to make
the sound dynamic. Works best with the EMU APS or
sblive APSlive drivers. Mrcheap

File : 198-d10 TEK bass.sfArk
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