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Piano sf2 708 Kb 7856
This is a piano knocked up from 11KHz samples but the sound doesn't seem to suffer much. It's big because I prefer to use long samples to eliminate looping as I can never get it to sound right. Feedback is welcome.

File :
Piano de Cola (Grand Piano) sf2 1803 Kb 9378
Hello, I am here again. This is my third and last? soundfont I send you, for now. Piano de Cola (Grand Piano) , this is composed for 49 samples. I dont know you like it. I thinck yes. Enjoy it Bye, Adiós!!!

File : Piano de Cola (Grand Piano).sfArk
Pop Rock Bank sf2 16700 Kb 8195
A very basic set of instruments for the songwriter in all of us. Includes Grand piano, Whirly EP, acoustic guitar, clean electric, mute electric, overdriven guitar, fingered/picked mute bass, string quartet section (since everybody is using it these days) and the Yamaha set from the Sonic Drums found elsewhere on this site (with just a few tweaks) You'll likely have heard these sounds before, but the reason for this is to give you a good useful soundbank with good sounds to get you going. Use and Abuse!

File : 233-poprockbank.sfArk
Prophet Piano sf2 1930 Kb 4778
Very Dynamic Electric Piano sound from my borowed SC Prophet 5. Quite useful for funky ballads/ dance. Your keyboard's velocity setting may have influence to succesfull use. (4.8 MB unpacked)

File : 198-Prophet Piano VS.sfArk
Roland 64 Voice Piano sf2 3300 Kb 10811
64VoicePiano patch, 6 velocity layers, sampled from Roland XP-30 at 16 bit 44.1 kHz. Nearly the same quality as the original sound.

File : Roland_64VoicePiano.rar
SC55 Piano sf2 717 Kb 6133
The soundfont was sampled from SC55, the Roland's famous sound module. This is a small size version.

File :
SC88 E.Piano2 sf2 432 Kb 5082
A very good E.Piano sampled from Roland SC88

File :
Steinbow sf2 7000 Kb 10206
This is Soeren Bovbjerg s 30 mb Steinway piano where i have removed only some of detuned samples. Steinway is old ,it is nor Soeren s fault. He did great job. Thanks for permision Soeren.

File : steinbow_mg.sfpack
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