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CZRoady sf2 91 Kb 5517
A good rhodes sound, sampled from my SY85 electric piano. I think it's very similar to the real one.

File :
Dsix magic sf2 20900 Kb 6803
Hohner d-6 clavinet. Incl Hi Pass filter emulation through inverted wav's. No loops were made, just the whole funky thang! Have fun

File : 198-Dsix magic 20.9 MB.sfArk
Electric Piano Verby sf2 442 Kb 7100
Beautiful piano rhodes with reverb

File : 361-Electric Piano Verby.sfArk
ER_Wurlitzer sf2 507 Kb 4209
Wurlitzer Soundfont, including Clean, Chorus & Chorus Vibrato

File : ER_Wulitzer.sfArk
FoxPiano 2 sf2 705 Kb 23413
Grand Piano, Bright Piano, Honky-tonk Piano and Chorus Piano. FOXPIAN2.SBK is converted from Kurzweil-sound (KRZ) with CONVERT utility from Jesus Villena. Some modifications and Pitch shifting etc ... Same places as GM - instruments with same name.

File :
German8 sf2 740 Kb 6756
This is a must have Harpsichord created by a professional Harpsichordist. At the author's homepage, you'll find example midi pieces that uses this soundfont, as well as information about the author, his recordings and his instrument.

File :
Gort's Mini Piano sf2 32 Kb 5249
<< Gort's MiniPiano >> v.3 offers a varied Piano Soundfont in a ridiculously small size - it's a mere 39 Kilobytes (0.039 meg) and yet it contains 40 Instruments - 6 Acoustic Pianos and 34 Electric or Synth Pianos. This revision has 4 extra Acoustic Pianos, plus others. There's some very full sounds for such a tiny Soundfont, and a wide-ranging selection. They're all useful musical voices, and some are original sounds.

File : GortsMiniPiano.sfArk
JV1080 Nice Piano sf2 4000 Kb 77019
A very good stereo piano sampled from Roland JV1080.

File : JV1080_Nice_Piano_m.rar
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