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Soundfont Download Size Downloads
1-FantasyPiano sf2 936 Kb 37875
This is just an experiment on a acoustic piano mixed with synth piano sounds etc..
Maybe it need some more editing..

File : 1-FantasyPiano.sfArk
198-Rhodes VS extreme sf2 1276 Kb 22369
My Rhodes73 Mark1 EP. Was in Bad condition. Every single key sampled with extra rotating layers. Sampled in soft, med and Hard. One day i walked on the street
and i just saw it stand with the garbage!!! I thought i was dreaming!!. Well, it took me my back to bring it 'Home'. Poor Rhodes. Anyway that moment i almost
believed in god, almost....Mr Cheap

File : 198-Rhodes VS extreme.sfArk
198-u20 Electric Grand sf2 795 Kb 471
Roland u20 electric grand piano. Nice for tec music. With 4 veloswitch layers.

File : 198-u20 Electric Grand.sfArk
198-VL-1 wurlitzer VS sf2 5184 Kb 500
unpacked: 15megs. Made through a Yamaha VL1 modelling synth. Quite dynamic and so, musical. Made around 5 velosplits/switches.

File : 198-VL-1 wurlitzer VS.sfArk
359-elepiano sf2 131 Kb 8282
Another soundfont from

File : 359-elepiano.sfArk
5-rhodes3 sf2 2324 Kb 15162
Fantastic piano rhodes!!!
Decompress it whit sfpack
The final size of rhodes is 8 mb

File : 5-rhodes3.sfArk
Campbell's Harpsichord sf2 5090 Kb 13477
Campbell has done a very nice job of sampling a harpsichord - several different multisampled presets to choose from.

File : Campbells_Harpsichord.sfpack
Clavinet sf2 149 Kb 7019
The right one...

File : 241-Clavinet.sfArk
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