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Soundfont Download Size Downloads
1-Comet sf2 558 Kb 11621
Experimental acoustic drum soundfont never finished due to the neighborhood complain :-?

File : 1-Comet.sfArk
1115-Electron Drums Vasco sf2 131 Kb 10128
Original Electronic kit of the song "Siamo Soli" author Vasco Rossi !
Created with original song and Recycle 1.7.Try it ! Is not compatible with General Midi.

File : 1115-Electron Drums Vasco.sfArk
1247-KitDRY sf2 3130 Kb 24890
A fantastic set drum soundfonts.

File : 1247-KitDRY.sfArk
1438-DHOLAK2 sf2 140 Kb 8555
Dholak That Is Percussion Use in all kind of Desi and English Music Sampled From Cd very Good quality and it rocks your compositons it is same like Tabla Kind of thing. I search Every where to get that but i have to make my Own and dedicated to every one who loves upmetal Studio..... may this site will give you every thing....Love to every one

File : 1438-DHOLAK2.sfArk
198-JB KiT sf2 419 Kb 12284
James Brown's vintage drums.. Extracted BD's SD's &
some HH's form old vinyl. The clubby sound worked for
me.. 2 kits: 1 dry and 1 with some room verb.

File : 198-JB KiT.sfArk
198-Lightning KiT sf2 731 Kb 7007
Simple but nevertheless 'n effective drumkit.

File : 198-Lightning KiT.sfArk
198-Prince Drumkit sf2 543 Kb 10103
Tafkap drumkit. All isolated Prince drumssounds. Was
usefull for me. mrcheap

File : 198-Prince Drumkit.sfArk
198-WSA percussion kit sf2 378 Kb 6333
perc kit made on the technics wsa-1 modelling synth.

File : 198-WSA percussion kit.sfArk
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