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Melodic Trumpet sf2 352 Kb 11910
Based on the Trumpet 3's incredible tone quality, this is an in-tune, soft-attack trumpet for melodic solos, duets, trios, and small ensembles. Check the review page for more info from the editor.

File : Joshua_Melodic_Trumpet.sfArk
Orchestral Trombone sf2 319 Kb 11808
This is my latest trombone soundfont. It sounds great for orchestral playing. It might be a little heavy for jazz, but it still sounds much better than anything else out there.

File : JL_Trombone_New.rar
SC88 VeloBrass sf2 448 Kb 9616
A very good Brass sampled from Roland SC88.

File :
sf2 trumpet sf2 243 Kb 11606
A great trumpet with lots of "bite". Found originally on a web page I can't remember, it was out of tune and strangely constructed, but the samples were great. Considerably reworked for the SBLive card, it's the most realistic solo trumpet I've found. Improved looping by Dennis Langton,

File : Trumpet3.sfArk
UOI_Trumpet_NV4 sf2 32000 Kb 16584
AUTHOR: SOUNDFONT: Bb Trumpet, ~34 pitches times 3 velocities, version 4 with proper keymapping COPYRIGHT:

File :
WT Trumpet sf2 331 Kb 8518
A Trumpet soundfont

File : WT_Trumpet.sfArk
ZSF_Brass_Trombone sf2 200 Kb 8086

File : ZSF_Brass_Trombone.sfArk
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