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Bass  [50]
Acoustic bass, electric bass, slap bass, synth bass...
Brass  [22]
Trumpet, trombone, tuba, french horn, brass section, synthbrass...
Chromatic percussions  [22]
Celesta, glockenspiel, music box, vibraphone, marimba, xylophone ...
Collections  [47]
Collections of different instruments and / or drumsets.
Drum kits and percussive kits  [119]
Complete kits of drums and percussion, like rock, jazz, dance, djembe, tr-808 orchestra, etc.
Ensemble  [26]
String ensemble, synth ensemble, choir aahs, voice oohs, synth voice, orchestra hit...
Ethnic  [16]
Sitar, banjo, shamisen, koto, kalimba, bagpipe, fiddle, shanai...
Guitar  [72]
Nylon string, steel string, electric, overdriven, distorted, harmonics...
Miscellaneous  [18]
Stuff that doesn't fit in any of the other categories.
Organ  [25]
Drawbar organ, church organ, reed organ, accordian, harmonica...
Percussive  [7]
Single instrument percussive sounds, like tinkle bell, agogo, steel drum, woodblock, taiko drum, melodic drum, synth drum, reverse cymbal...
Piano  [62]
Acoustic piano, electric piano, harpsichord, clavinet...
Pipe  [19]
Piccolo, flute, recorder, pan flute, blown bottle, skakuhachi, whistle, ocarina...
Reed  [37]
Saxophone, oboe, english horn, bassoon, clarinet...
Solo strings  [23]
Violin, cello, contrabass, tremolo, pizzicato, timpani...
Sound effects  [20]
Guitar fret noise, breath noise, seashore, bird tweet, telephone ring, helicopter, applause, gunshot...
Synth effects  [23]
Weird synthetic noises (soundtrack, atmosphere, sci-fi) as well as simulations of real-world sounds
Synth lead  [20]
Lead instruments, often based on simple waveforms like square, triangle or sine...
Synth pad  [32]
Synthetic pads, soft swirling background chords...

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